The Choctaw County Partnership offers robust options when it comes to world-class utilities and connectivity.

4 County Electric supplies electrical power to the region. This power company is served by the Tennessee Valley Authority, which offers competitive utility rates and an investment credit program.  The performance-based investment credit program rewards companies for economic and energy benefits associated with their new/expanded operations. Competitive utility rates to industrial tenants with a 10-20% savings annually over a 5-year period. (minimum qualifications required to be met by the industry).

Franklin Telephone Company provides telecommunications services and has high-speed fiber run throughout the entire Red Hills Ecoplex and service area.

Natural Gas
The natural gas supplier to the Red Hills Ecoplex is the Town of Weir, and Atmos Energy serves the Town of Ackerman. Industrial rates are available offering competitive prices to industrial customers.

Water/Sewer is supplied to The Choctaw County Partnership sites and buildings by municipal water systems with the capacity to serve large facilities.