Choctaw County is home to the lowest ad valorem tax rates in the State of Mississippi. Doing business in areas within The Choctaw County Partnership will give you an immediate competitive edge.

Mississippi offers businesses locating or expanding in the state a number of tax incentives, including state income tax credits and sales and use and property tax exemptions. To learn more about corporate taxes in Mississippi, you may download a PDF summary of the state’s tax structure here.

In addition, the Tennessee Valley Authority offers competitive utility rates (10-20% savings annually over a five-year period) to industrial tenants.

The State of Mississippi also offers the following incentives for companies:

Property Tax Incentives

Income Tax Incentives

For a full list of income tax incentives available to businesses in Mississippi, visit here.

Sales & Use Tax Exemptions

Franchise Tax Incentives

Advantage Jobs Rebate Program
Many businesses creating new jobs in Mississippi are eligible to receive a cash rebate equal to a percentage of their Mississippi payroll through the Advantage Jobs program. This rebate is available for up to 10 years. The average wage of all new jobs created must meet the program’s minimum average wage requirements. To view a list of average annual salaries in Mississippi, visit here.