The geographic position of The Choctaw County Partnership and proximity to a solid transportation infrastructure provides unparalleled distribution and delivery for manufacturers.

Convenient access is provided by US Highway 82, which connects The Choctaw County Partnership to Interstate 55 to the west and US Highway 45 to the east and US 25 to the south. Mississippi’s highway network was ranked 8th best in the nation in highway performance and cost-effectiveness in the “Annual Highway Report” by the Reason Foundation. Companies can take advantage of minimal traffic congestion to deliver their products quickly. Businesses can quickly move products to nearly 100 million people within a day’s drive in part because of the 14 federal highways and six interstates located in Mississippi.

The Kansas City Southern Railroad Company serves Ackerman and is a major transportation route used to export products manufactured by a local bio-products company to Mexico. In addition, the Grenada Railway is opening up with loading access in Grenada and connecting The Choctaw County Partnership to the Jackson and Memphis markets via rail.

Forty-eight miles east of The Choctaw County Partnership is the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway, with access to both inland and deepwater ports in the Gulf of Mexico. Mississippi is surrounded by three navigable waterways with the Mississippi River to the west, the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway to the east, and the Gulf of Mexico to the south. Access to the Tenn-Tom and Mississippi River are navigable from The Choctaw County Partnership via 4 lane highways. Nearly 800 miles of commercially navigable waterways provide economical and efficient access to national and international markets.

The Choctaw County Partnership is in proximity to two international airports – Memphis and Jackson – with access via interstate and four-lane highways. The closest local commercial airport is the Golden Triangle Regional Airport, which is approximately 40 miles from The Choctaw County Partnership area.