From aerospace to timber to agriculture to automotive, The Choctaw County Partnership is going through an economic boom. We have a multitude of choice sites for industries of all types – with transportation, airports, quality healthcare facilities, excellent public schools and a large research-based university close by.

We want to be your business partner in your site selection process, offering local expertise, business development specialists and valuable resources to help find the ideal location for you – one that will fulfill the needs of your industry as well as provide an outstanding quality of life for your employees. We have a wide variety of existing buildings that can be customized and retrofitted to meet your particular needs, plus many sites to build on from the ground up.

The Choctaw County Partnership is the solid, unexpected choice that will launch your business far ahead of your competition. Here, you’ll find entrepreneurs from rural farm communities rubbing shoulders with world-class researchers from a leading state university, working hard to make our area of the state second to none and build a better life for our diverse population. We invite you to explore our available sites and buildings and let’s get going!

View all available sites and buildings in The Choctaw County Partnership region with in-depth statistical and demographic data on the community at This is your one stop site for everything you need to know to locate in The Choctaw County Partnership.